Tips from Hemlock: Your Local Vancouver Painting Company

  • Pressure Washing Services for your Burnaby Home

    Burnaby Pressure washing services are for all different types of situations. They work for residential, commercial and industrial situations. There is a pressure washing option for all types of situations. Pressure washing takes skill. You may not think so but there are many different things to factor in when using a pressure washer on your property. […]

  • An Overview of Vancouver Interior Painting Tips

    There are many ways one can improve his home. Perhaps one of the things that one can do is the installment of good interior design; mainly changing the paint of his home. Imagine living in a house that has a great touch of color. The feeling is inescapably comforting and in some respects confidence boosting. […]

  • Vital Vancouver House Painting Tips & Ideas

    As much as you want to repaint the exterior of your home, you can’t think of any ideas that can get you started with the project. At this point, you simply want change, but you are still are not sure what you want to happen at the end of it all. You may want some […]

  • Colour in the Workplace – Vancouver Commercial Painting Tips

    When considering hiring a commercial painter for interior painting in Vancouver, ask yourself the following questions: Can the choice of colour have an effect on the productivity of employees? What about warm colour being used as a tool to enhance the comfort level of employees? Can certain colours promote harmony stability and yes, even camaraderie? […]