The Benefits of Painting Your Richmond Home’s Interior

Thinking of a new colour for your home’s interior? A new colour can change the mood of your living space and bring in a new perspective for a fresh start, but did you know that there is a lot more that interior home painting can do for you? Below, we describe a few reasons why you may want to consider some fresh paint for your interiors.

Do a deep clean

With children or pets running around your home, you know that sticky fingers or paws can leave marks on your walls. If you haven’t had your interior walls painted recently, they may still look dirty even if you have spent time to cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting your home. If the paint job on your walls is old, scrubbing the walls may not be an option as it may just rub off the colour.

Painting your walls provides a way to instantly clean the walls and bring a fresh perspective to an older (or even a newer) home. It also gives you a good chance to fix any small cracks, dents, or holes in the walls before you paint.

Protect your walls

If you have plaster walls, it may be creating dust as it wears off the walls. Paint forms a protective coating that can minimize dirt and dust coming from your walls. With a newer home, drywall can absorb the moisture from your home and affect your home’s structural integrity. Painting seals out moisture and can keep the walls from gathering additional weight.

Problems with mold or mildew? A Richmond painting company can help you seal the area with high quality paint after eliminating the mold and cleaning the affected area. Paint will help repel dust, allergens and make it easier to clean your walls.

Change the look

If you’re looking for a dramatic visual change to a room in your home or make it more personal, a new paint job is the way to go. If you have a dark and small living room, for example, you can help make it less cramped by painting the walls a light colour that will make the room appear more airy and open. If you have an open space that you want to make more cozy or intimate, paint the room a darker colour.

If you live in an older home that appears to have time travelled from the 70s or 80s, painting the walls white can make the space instantly feel modern and up to date. Don’t forget about repainting your ceilings to complete the look! Colour can affect our mood a well. Painting an accent wall with reds or oranges can bring excitement and energy into a space. While yellows can bring some light and cheer. Blue is a calming colour while purple can bring an elegant touch.

Increase Your Home Value

If you’re listing your home on the market, a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to instantly “remodel” your home for a great return on investment. A new paint job will attract potential buyers and make your home look newer and cleaner. If you only have room in your budget for small changes or renovations to your home, a paint job is the way to go.

If you’re looking to personalize your space or just make it appear more modern, you don’t have to look far for interior painting Richmond. Hemlock Painting can help you choose and paint your walls for a new chapter in your home’s life.

Let us make the walls of your home look how you’ve always imagined. Call Hemlock Painting today at (604) 250-2561 with any questions, or request a free estimate here.