What Are the Costs of Exterior House Painting?

As we head into the spring, you may be wondering about the costs involved in painting your house exterior – whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a professional. As with any home improvement project, saving on costs requires research, planning, and defining your project scope. In this guide, we will go over the various cost factors in exterior house painting.

Surface Area

Similar to interior home painting, the cost estimate for exterior house painting is based on surface area. Exterior paint costs are often quoted by square footage and how many floors your house has. Multi-story homes cost more than single-story homes as they require more paint and specialized equipment to access and apply paint to hard-to-reach areas.


Different exterior siding materials require different prep work and paint coatings depending on how porous they are. The condition of the siding also matters as there may be additional work required such as patching up damages or even complete replacement of the siding before applying paint to ensure that the exterior is well protected.

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Exterior Siding
Consider the type and condition of your exterior sidings (image credit: Curtis Adams)

Vinyl siding can easily be touched up and is the least expensive material to paint as it doesn’t require numerous coats as other siding materials. 

Metal or aluminum siding is a durable non-porous material, which can be fairly easy to paint as it requires less prep work and coating.

Wood is also fairly inexpensive to paint if it’s in good condition. There may be spots that need to be re-stained, which can add to the prep work. However, if the wood siding has signs of rot, it is best to replace it before painting it. 

Concrete exteriors often require additional prep work such as removing old, chipped paint, as well as priming and/or sealing the surface which could increase costs. 

Stucco is typically more time consuming and expensive to paint than other materials due to its uneven surface which requires more coats of paint. It also requires more surface prep depending on its condition as you may have to caulk and seal any cracks or damages before painting. 

Brick siding requires more prep work and paint coats due to the porous surface of the material and its rough texture. However, you can expect a professional brick paint job to last for at least 10 years.

Doors, Windows & Other Areas

When painting the house exterior, there may be other areas that can be painted at the same time which can result in a more even and finished look for the entire home.

Painting Your House Exterior
Account for trim, window and door details that require more meticulous paintwork (Image credit: Charles Parker)

Trims – In addition to the detailed paintwork required, cost for painting trims include any additional surface preparation and tools needed to access high and harder to reach areas outside the home. 

Exterior Windows – Exterior window painting costs depend on the size and style of the window, as well as any details and trim that need to be painted. Certain styles like French windows or dormer windows that may require additional work and specialized tools typically cost more. 

Exterior Doors – Painting costs for exterior doors depend on the size, material, and intricacy of details. For instance, solid oak doors may require additional prep work such as stripping old paint, sanding and re-staining. Cost increases the more details and other features need to be painted such as the door frame and trim.

Garage Doors – The size of the garage door is the most significant factor for its cost. Vinyl and aluminum material typically costs less due to the less amount of surface prep required. 

Soffits, Fascia, Gutters and Downspouts – Before painting, these features need to be cleaned and inspected for signs of rot, mold, cracks and other damages. Painting cost will depend on the area, size, and intricacy of the eavestrough design. 

Roof – Painting a roof requires thorough inspection and applying sealant to protect against UV and other environmental damage. Paint selection and method will also depend on the roofing material.

Painting soffits, fascia and gutters
Painting soffits, fascia and gutters can be simple or complex depending on the design (image credit: Max Rahubovskiy)

Hiring a Professional Exterior House Painter

While doing the prep work and painting yourself can be a way to save money, investing in professional exterior house painting services from local Vancouver painters such as Hemlock Painting can potentially save you costly mistakes down the road as they are experts in the type of paint, application and surface preparation required for the different areas in your home exterior. Moreover, you can expect higher quality results and longer protection before repainting your house again.

Exterior House Painting Services
Professional painters have the tools and experience to get the job efficiently and on-budget (image: Hemlock Painting)

If you need help with your exterior home painting, look no further than Hemlock Painting. Our professional painters are known for their workmanship and attention to detail. We have completed residential and commercial projects across the Lower Mainland from North Vancouver down to South Surrey. Tell us about your project and we can help get you started with a free quote.