What Type of Paint Should You Use in a Bathroom?

As you learned earlier in our Different Types of Interior Paint post, not all paints were created equal. This is especially true for your bathroom as this room is frequently humid due to moisture caused by things like the steam from your shower. In addition, not all bathrooms have windows to let that humidity out and circulate fresh air. Some don’t have adequate ventilation from either a fan that doesn’t work efficiently or even no fan at all. Luckily, you can protect against mildew and ensure the longevity of your paint by choosing the right type of paint and doing some initial prep work.

The Right Type of Bathroom Paint

Paints that work best in bathrooms in terms of moisture resistance are the ones with a glossy finish. Satins and gloss finishes form a hard coat that blocks out water so that it won’t seep through the drywall or wood. High-gloss and enamels tend to act more like glass while low-sheen paints like eggshell finishes will absorb moisture. You can prepare your bathroom beforehand with a primer containing mildewcide to keep your walls protected for years. An added benefit of choosing a satin or gloss finish for your bathroom is that it can be cleaned easily and wiped down in the event that steam from a hot shower causes condensation to form on your walls. 

Does Colour Matter?

You may not have thought too much about what colour to paint your bathroom beyond what colours you like. However, when it comes to painting your bathroom, colour does matter. The shade you choose, combined with the lighting options, will affect your reflection in the mirror. Soft neutrals in the bathroom will cast natural light around the space and result in a healthy glow in the mirror. While this may not matter to some people, it is very appreciated by those trying to keep their makeup looking natural to their skin tone. If you still want bold colours in the bathroom, opt for painting the cabinets or having bold accessories like towels, bath mats, and shower curtains. 

Leave it to the Experts

Painting your bathroom might seem like something you can do on your own because it’s typically a smaller space, but the amount of preparation involved is enough to reconsider. Hiring the professionals at Hemlock Painting saves you time and stress. We’ll prep your bathroom walls to ensure they’re ready for painting and take care of the whole process for you. Also, visit our article with Living Room Paint Colors and Ideas

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