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featured image how to prep for painting luxury home entrance with staircase, pillars and red accent wall

Preparing Your Home to be Professionally Painted

Painting your home can be strenuous, time consuming, and messy and it takes experience and skill to do a good, efficient job. For these reasons, the best option to get a new colour in the interior of your home is to hire a professional painter. If you are looking to have your home painted as…
featured image feature wall timeless or trendy cozy living room with tan walls and white ceiling

Painted Feature Walls: Trendy or Timeless?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which design techniques are passing fads and which ones are going to stick. People have been painting feature walls in their homes for quite a few years now, but is the practice of putting a painted feature wall in your home trendy or timeless? At Hemlock Interior Painting,…