Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Maximum Curb Appeal

Things to Consider For Your External Painting Project

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, the right colour choices play a crucial role in boosting your curb appeal. You need to pick primary, accent, and trim colours that work well together to create a unified look. It’s important to consider your neighbourhood’s colour schemes, even if you’re aiming for a unique style.

Some parts of your house, like certain materials and fixed elements, can’t be painted over. It’s essential to select colours that go well with these existing features. For instance, using light exterior paint can make a beautiful oak door stand out and become a more prominent feature.

You can try virtual tools to see how your colour scheme works with your home’s fixed elements. However, it’s important to get paint samples as some colours may look lighter or darker in photos than on the surface. Test your colours in different lighting conditions and times of day as well. 

Finally, it is worth investing in high-quality exterior paint that lasts. Opting for cheaper paint might seem cost-effective initially, but it often leads to more maintenance and repainting in the long run.

Why You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Selecting the right exterior paint colours is not only about aesthetics. A fresh coat of paint also protects your home from rain, sun, dust, and snow. Professional painters, such as Hemlock Painting, prepare the external surfaces first before painting to ensure better paint adhesion. This presents an opportunity to properly seal cracks and clean the exterior of your home in the process.

If you plan to sell your home, a top-quality exterior paint job can significantly enhance curb appeal and the perceived value of your property. Consult with professionals for advice on timeless colour palettes.

Exterior Paint Color Options

Here are some excellent exterior paint colour choices:

Modern house painting
Image: Pinterest

White: A crisp and classic choice that works well in various lighting conditions. True white is also great for contrasting with black or dark metallic trim and roofs.

Modern Home Exterior

Blush/Salmon: Lighter shades create a warm and appealing look, especially in the sunlight, reminiscent of homes in the Italian or Mediterranean regions.

Beige Coloured Modern House
Image: Drewett Works

Cream/Beige: Off-white, cream and beige create an inviting atmosphere and can also accentuate your home’s historical charm, especially if you have greenery and natural features in your property.

Green House Exterior

Forest Green: A subtle yet bold alternative to charcoal or dark grey exterior colours. Choose the right shade by considering your surroundings and recent developments in the area for an enduring appeal.

Blue House Exterior

Powder Blue: For a Scandinavian-inspired look, blue is an excellent choice, especially when paired with warm, natural accent colours like wood.

Navy blue Classic House Exterior
Image: XO Mrs Meason

Navy Blue: A safe option for properties that need to adhere to historical guidelines. Navy blue works well with both light and dark accent colours.

Exterior Paint

Black: A modern or dramatic look, depending on how you use it. Black pairs nicely with wooden accents and glass elements and can enhance your home’s architectural features. It also works perfectly as an accent colour on trims and doors for a contemporary flair.

Exterior painting involves selecting the right colours to enhance your home’s appearance, protecting your home from the elements, and increasing its long-term value. Carefully choosing your colour palette and using high-quality paint can transform your home and maximize its curb appeal.

If you need advice choosing the right colour, Hemlock Painting can help. Contact us about exterior painting, colour consultation, or any other questions that you might have.