What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality : Part 1

Color is a very individual thing. Your favorite color says a lot about who you are. So much so that there are even psychological tests based upon color preference. As Vancouver painters, we deal with our client’s color choices on a daily basis. Of course, when it comes to home décor, it’s a little more complicated. Just because your favorite color is lime green doesn’t mean you want to paint your walls that color.

Still, when it comes to selecting interior paint colors, your color preferences definitely play a role. You’ll be very aware of this if you share your space with a significant other. You’ve no doubt had to compromise on your color choices. If you like blue, but your SO prefers bright yellow, you might have settled on green, tossed a coin, or promised just about anything as long as “we don’t paint the walls bright yellow!”

We’ve reviewed a number of top psychology sources and looked for the commonalities in color preference, as not all of them agree on what your favorite color says about you. We’ve compiled that information here, in what we believe is the definitive guide to your personality as revealed by your favorite color. Each color is broken down by what psychologists agree on, followed by a list of traits where they disagree (or at least that trait wasn’t mentioned).


favorite color red roller with paint trail


Love it or hate it, you had to know we would start with red. Red stands out. It screams ‘pay attention to me’. From sports cars to high-end appliances a coat of glossy red paint is sure to grab attention. Babies are born without the ability to see color, and as their vision develops red is the first color they can see. Along with yellow, it is also the most appetizing color, which is why it is used so heavily by restaurants and fast-food chains. But what do psychologists say about those who choose red as their favorite color?

What they agree on

You are bold and adventurous. You are action-oriented and definitely not the type to take a passive approach to life.

You may also be…

  • An extravert who is outgoing and loves being around other people.
  • Passionate, with a strong sex drive.
  • An optimist
  • A strong personality who tends to be the center of attention
  • A risk-taker
  • Future-oriented. You don’t dwell on the past but are always looking forward.
  • A natural leader
  • Somewhat lacking in patience. You get frustrated when things take too long.


favorite color blue roller with paint trail


Studies show that blue is the most common favorite color, even across different cultures. There’s something about blue that appeals to the outdoor-lover in us all. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean and speaks of wide-open spaces. It’s a well-known calming color but it can also be bold and electric. Worldwide, 40% of people choose blue as their favorite color.

What they agree on

While you may not always achieve it, you strive for inner peace. Whatever your convictions, you hold to them strongly but also try to accept others for who they are.

You may also be…

  • Introspective, often reflecting upon life and your values
  • Consistently aware of the needs of others
  • Reliable and conscientious
  • Proactive in dealing with stress, from meditation to exercise
  • Very empathic, easily reading other’s emotions
  • Calm and collected when everyone around you is panicking
  • Somewhat inflexible in your viewpoints or set in your ways


favorite color green roller with paint trail


The color of life, of growing things and the color most often associated with nature. It’s commonly believed that the human eye can perceive more shades of green than any other color, and especially if you’re Irish. As it happens, the eye really can see more hues of green than it can of the other colors. Green lies right in the middle of the visible spectrum, which means it has the broadest range of wavelengths. So, not a folk tale or cultural belief, but solid science. Physicists tell us that we should be able to perceive about 40 distinct wavelengths of green.

What they agree on…

You are loyal, affectionate and honest. You value security, both emotional and financial. Your connections to other people, and especially to your loved ones, are very important to you. Your reputation with those people is also of prime concern.

You may also be…

  • A good citizen who believes in following the rules
  • More likely to marry and have children
  • An introvert. Capable of dealing well with co-workers and strangers but definitely needing downtime by yourself.
  • Down to earth, with conservative values
  • Appreciative of acknowledgment and gratitude for your efforts, although often a simple ‘Thank you’ is enough
  • Easily hurt when someone rejects or mistreats you, especially a person who is close to you
  • Sometimes prone to putting your foot in your mouth, as you are apt to be frank and say exactly what you think


favorite color yellow roller with paint trail


The color of the sun and many flowers, yellow is often perceived as a color that lifts the spirits. It is the color of optimism and endless possibilities. It is also a color where cultural influences play a big role in your associations with it. For example, in Japan yellow is the color of courage, whereas in English culture it is the opposite, and gave rise to the phrase ‘yellow-bellied’ to refer to a coward. In many cultures, it is seen as a happy color, but in Egypt, it is the color of mourning. Perhaps more so than with any other color your cultural background may influence your response to it, and to how likely it is to be your favorite color.

What they agree on

You are an optimist with a love of learning and new experiences. You have a vivid imagination, but seek to structure your thoughts and your life. You want to contribute and do your best to make the world a better place.

You may also be…

  • Creative, although not necessarily in art or music, but simply with ideas
  • Highly energetic, with a love of exercise or other forms of regular activity
  • A reliable and trustworthy confidante
  • Very logical, which may seem to be at odds with being a creative thinker, but to you seems perfectly natural
  • A seeker of truth
  • A planner, but you don’t hesitate to take action once the course is plotted
  • A person others describe as highly intellectual


favorite color brown roller with paint trail


The color of earth and therefore the foundation of all things. Brown is the color of tree bark, wood, and meadows in the fall and is, therefore, a color strongly associated with nature, perhaps second only to green. While brown has traditionally been used as a ‘safe’ color that offends no one, if it’s your favorite color, you also know that brown has some strong and unique traits.

What they agree on

You like a simple, uncomplicated life but this does not mean you don’t enjoy exciting activities. You are cautious and frugal and always look before you leap.

You may also be…

  • Unfailingly honest with no patience for swindlers and snake-oil salesmen
  • Neat and tidy, sometimes to the point where other’s lack of order gets on your nerves
  • A stickler for quality, believing that any job worth doing is worth doing right
  • Dependable and punctual
  • Transparent in your feelings and opinions
  • Confused by those who are deceptive or have ulterior, hidden motives
  • A reliable friend who prides yourself on your dependability
  • Family-oriented, with a commitment to making your home a safe haven for all.


We’ll complete this series in three weeks with Part 2, which will cover Orange, White, Black, Purple, Gray and Pink. We’ll also reveal what percentage of people prefer each color as their favorite, broken down by the sexes. The statistics may surprise you.

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