What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality: Part 2

In Part 2 of our two-part series on the psychology of your favorite color we continue with Orange, White, Black, Purple, Gray and Pink. For Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Brown see Part 1. See the end of this post for the statistics on how the colors break down as the favorites of both men and women.


favorite color orange roller with paint trail


Party! Orange is the color most often associated with festivities and parties. It’s bold and exciting, so much so that some people are almost offended by it. Of course, it’s the color of oranges and some flowers but otherwise almost never occurs in nature, so most of our exposure to this color is from artificial sources. Some people also associate orange with industry, and it is often used in manufacturers’ company logos.

What they agree on

You are almost certainly an extrovert who loves interacting with others. You like to challenge yourself, sometimes to the point where others may question your sanity. Connections with others are very important to you, from a small group of close friends to having as many acquaintances as you can find.

You may also be…

  • An optimist, possibly to the extreme
  • Good-natured and openly friendly
  • A problem solver
  • A natural leader
  • Confident in the face of chaos and able to stay on an even keel when life gets tough
  • Able to get over negative experiences more quickly than others
  • Someone who lives in the moment


favorite color white roller with paint trail


Some of the more cerebral among you may be commenting that ‘white isn’t really a color, but the combination of all colors’. In color theory this is true, but we’re Vancouver painters. We paint white on walls all the time, so to us white is very much a color, and the most popular color for home interiors. White is clean and bright and opens up any space. Because it reflects light better than any other color it’s especially good for small spaces.

What they agree on

You are organized and logical and prefer a controlled environment where chaos is kept to a minimum. Your tastes are refined and you have an appreciation of elegant beauty.

You may also be…

  • Very demanding, both of yourself and others
  • Able to portray a sense of calm control, even if you don’t always feel that way
  • Someone others describe as ‘an old soul’
  • Appreciative of order, with a place for everything, and everything in its place
  • Misunderstood by others who may think you’re cold and aloof
  • Self-confident
  • Respected for your wisdom and perceptiveness


favorite color black roller with paint trail


Likely the most misunderstood color, at least in the eyes of those to whom black is their favorite color. Often interpreted as being associated with dark forces, rebellion, and depression. While there is no question that black makes a dramatic statement, it also conveys strength and stability. The color most often used for text in company logos.

What they agree on

You are artistic and empathic. Your chosen forms of creativity are unique and may not appeal to others. You guard your secrets carefully but are not an introvert.

You may also be…

  • Highly intelligent
  • Often underestimated due to your unconventionality
  • Articulate and dramatic
  • Strong in your convictions
  • Comfortable with who you are even when others misunderstand you
  • Apt to have only a few very close friends
  • Detail-oriented


favorite color purple roller with paint trail


The color of royalty. This is due to the fact that until artificial dyes were invented, purple was extremely rare. Queen Elizabeth I allowed only members of the royal family to wear it, adding to its mystique. Purple is often associated with wealth and power. As a favorite color, it comes second only to blue among women but ranks third (behind green) for men.

What they agree on

You are creative, and often in a unique way that others may not understand. Respecting others but also yourself is a key value. You won’t hesitate to help those in need and believe in making the world a better place.

You may also be…

  • Highly intuitive
  • An artist, especially in the fine arts of drawing, painting, music, and drama
  • Fastidious about your appearance and dress
  • Humorous, with a quick wit that sometimes goes over the heads of others
  • A non-conformist
  • Charismatic and able to draw others in when you choose to
  • Able to infect others with your enthusiasm for a project or cause
  • A good salesperson
  • Part of a circle of friends who share your unique traits and interests


favorite color gray roller with paint trail


Neither black nor white, gray is seen as the ultimate neutral color. It blends into the background, often to the point where it isn’t even noticed. Because it covers a wide spectrum, the human eye can perceive about 30 distinct shades of gray, although according to a recent very popular book there are 50 shades, but we’re not going there. It’s believed that the phrase ‘shades of gray’ developed logically from older expressions about something ‘being neither black nor white’.

In recent years, gray has become increasingly popular as a favorite color for interior walls.

What they agree on

You are cautious, but can remain cool and composed as long as you are on familiar ground. Also, you are reliable and hard-working and believe there is value in conformity.

You may also be…

  • Diplomatic and therefore a good negotiator and peacemaker
  • Polite, observing good manners and etiquette
  • Likely to work for a company, rather than being self-employed
  • An example to others within your organization or workplace
  • Fair and objective. You are able to put your personal opinions aside and see issues from other’s perspectives, even when you don’t agree with them
  • Lacking in strong opinions, likes or dislikes of your own
  • Someone who minds their own business and keeps to yourself, although not in an introverted way
  • A person whom others instinctively trust and with good reason


favorite color pink roller with paint trail


Sayings about ‘rose-colored glasses’ aside, there is no doubt pink is a calming color. So much so that it has been successfully used as an interior color in prisons and mental hospitals to reduce violent behavior. Even if pink isn’t your favorite color, you are apt to feel a sense of serenity and security when exposed to it. Because pink is seen as the most feminine of all colors, many of us associate pink with nurturing and motherhood, and it may evoke positive childhood memories.

What they agree on

Personal connections are very important to you. You have a deep need to feel loved and are easily hurt by rejection or betrayal.

You may also be…

  • Easygoing
  • Apt to assume the best of others
  • Caring and nurturing
  • Someone who comes alive when in your own small social group
  • The friend others go to when they need support
  • Generous and kind, celebrating the good things in other’s lives
  • Likely to have very long-term friendships, often from childhood
  • A seeker of peace and harmony in your life and your relationships
  • Agreeable to an extent where you subvert your own opinions rather than risk offending anyone
  • Able to cut loose from time to time and love to have fun as long as you’re in an environment where you feel safe and accepted


Favorite Colors by Gender

Wondering where you fit in? If your favorite color is pink, yellow or orange you’re in the minority. Red isn’t nearly as popular as you might think and if your favorite color is blue, green or purple you are in the majority. We find it fascinating that the top favorite colors are all toward the lower frequencies of visible light, while the less popular colors are higher frequency. We don’t know what that means, but we’re pretty sure psychologists have theories about it.

According to live science, here is the breakdown of favorite colors for both men and women. This is from a sampling of almost 2,000 individuals. As you can see from the charts, blue is the most popular color for both men and women, but only yellow and red show similar percentages across the genders. Purple is the second most common favorite color for women, while green is second for men. Men are more than twice as likely to choose orange as their favorite color over women. And of course it’s no surprise that women are far more likely to choose pink as their favorite color.

pie charts showing the percentage for favorite colors for both men and women


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