What Colour Should You Paint Your Ceiling?

Many of us have made the decision to paint our walls to refresh our home or change up the look of our favourite room in the house. But have you ever considered painting the ceiling?

Maybe your ceiling is scratched, scuffed, or is revealing sights of age. Perhaps you want to add a bit of drama to an otherwise understated room with vibrant colour. If you’re considering painting your ceiling, you’re probably wondering “What colour should I paint my ceiling? Is it a good idea?” Our expert team of residential painters at Hemlock is here to help you make the decision.

Ceiling Painting 101

Like all residential paint jobs, being properly prepared to paint your ceiling is the first thing to consider. It is essential that your ceiling is clean. That’s right-you’re going to have to get up on that ladder and remove those cobwebs. This will keep the ceiling paint smooth and even, without any dirt mixed in.

You’ll also want to be very careful with the texture of your ceilings. Popcorn ceilings should never be painted; if you want to paint them or smooth them down, hire a professional. Often, these ceilings mask insulation that can be harmful if not handled by an expert.

Finally, take your time choosing the right kind of paint. Many companies make ceiling-specific paints that help to maintain your paint job’s integrity for a longer period of time. And no matter what colour you choose, you’ll want to make sure you test it out first. Read our guide to testing out paint colours here.

Consider Keeping It Simple

A vivid ceiling can make a room pop… but it doesn’t work for every room. It is important to carefully consider the shade that you will paint your ceiling; after all, you don’t want to spend all that time and effort on a paint job that you’ll regret. While it might be tempting to go colourful, consider keeping your ceiling colour simple, especially if it’s your first time painting a ceiling. This will ensure that you don’t make a design choice that you regret on the first try.

If you already have brightly coloured walls, why not try a simple white tone? White ceilings are anything but boring; a fresh coat of white paint can boost the vibrance of the existing walls. If your walls are a brighter neutral tone, paint the ceiling the same colour for a cool, cozy look. Learn more about why we love white and neutral walls here.

If you’re looking for something simple that is less risky but a little more exciting, talk to your paint store about purchasing paint the same colour as your existing ceiling with a glossy sheen. This gives your ceiling a little extra pizzazz without majorly impacting the look of the room.

Unique Ceiling Paint Colours

Sometimes, you know you want to go bold with your ceiling. This choice can truly make a statement that shows off your personality within your home. Here are some of our favourite unique ceiling paint colour ideas.

Light Accent Ceilings

Add a little pop of colour that doesn’t overwhelm the room with a light-toned ceiling, combined with a white wall. This can make small rooms seem bigger and brighter while adding an extra bit of visual appeal. Interior designers recommend trying a gentle pastel, such as lavender or mint green, or a sandy brown.

Cozy Dark Ceilings

Dark ceilings can make a room like an office or a dining room even cozier and more inviting. Match the ceiling with the existing dark wall colour for an adventurous look, or paint the wall a contrasting hue. Interior designers love dark navy, olive green, and burgundy accent ceilings, especially when they match your home’s décor.

Refresh The Details

We don’t usually think about AC vents, beams, and pipes coming from our ceiling as something that can be changed. Why not try painting these industrial details a bright and eye-catching colour, such as a vibrant orange or pink? This paint job can turn an overlooked detail into something that shows off your personality.

Trust the Experts in Ceiling Painting

Painting a ceiling is an entirely different endeavour than painting your walls. From colour and paint selection to preparation, to the actual paint job, there is so much that needs to be considered. Don’t take the risk of doing it alone and ending up with a result you don’t like.

Hemlock Painting are the Greater Vancouver Area’s experts in interior painting, conducting every job with professionalism and skill. Don’t stress about painting your home; let us take care of the hard work so you can enjoy your new ceiling. Book your free estimate with us today!