Whites & Bright Neutrals: The Trending Paint Colours For 2021

You love your home, but sometimes, it’s good to make a change. Painting your walls is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your home. The right wall colour can change the feeling in the room and provide inspiration for new design choices.

2021’s biggest paint colour trend isn’t a Pantone colour of the year or bright colour; this year, people are choosing white and bright neutrals to update their space. Read on to learn more about why you should choose to consider these classic tones when upgrading your space.

The Benefits of White Walls

A white wall does not mean a boring wall – white is a classic paint colour for a reason. Here are some of the biggest benefits of white walls.

  • White is It’s easy to match any existing home décor to white walls, not to mention they’re easy to maintain. Any scratches or dirt can be quickly touched up, keeping your walls looking as fresh as possible.
  • Splashing out on a different colour for every room of the house can get expensive. Choosing white walls for your home can be just as cost-effective as it is stylish.
  • White walls also allow you to switch up your aesthetic. You may have always wondered what would happen if you chose a dramatically different couch or replaced all of the art on your walls. White goes with everything – no matter the stylistic choice, you’ll have the perfect wall colour accompaniment.
  • Keep your outlook sunny, even when the Vancouver weather isn’t. White walls brighten a room, which has been proven to boost your mood. You just might end up refreshing your mood as well as your walls.
  • Do you live in a small space? Bright white walls can actually make your space look and feel bigger. You’ll love the fresh, airy feeling that fills the room when you paint your walls white.

How to Style White Walls

So, you’ve decided to paint your walls white, and you want to do it with style! Here are some of our favourite ways of styling white walls.

living roomThe first is by painting different textures of walls. Of course, a traditional white wall is great, but have you considered painting the brick or wood-panelled walls in your home as well?

white wallsThe second is by adding a variety of houseplants to your home. White walls are the perfect backdrop to your favourite plants, making their greens and florals pop. Are you a first-time plant parent? Start with a snake plant – they’re easy to keep alive!

Finally, use these new walls to show off your favourite art! Use your fresh walls as an excuse to put up that piece of art you couldn’t find the right place for, or buy a new and unexpected statement piece!

A trend on the Rise: Bright Neutrals

Maybe you’re into the classic aesthetic, but you want something different from white walls. Bright neutral tones are slowly rising in popularity. While they still provide a versatile canvas for you to experiment with different styles, bright neutrals are just that little bit different from the classic white walls. Here are some of our favourite things about neutral-coloured walls.

  • We could all use a little less stress in our lives. Neutral tones have been proven to have a calming effect. Your home should be your sanctuary; painting your walls with bright neutrals can help enhance the relaxed energy.
  • While white walls make your home feel brighter, a neutral tone can enhance the cozy feeling in a room. Are you the kind of person who craves that cozy cabin feeling every single day? Bright neutral wall colour can add to that “curl up under a blanket and sip a hot chocolate” vibe within your home.
  • There are different bright neutrals for any style. You can express yourself while still keeping your walls classic and cool; you don’t need bright colours to have a wall colour that says something about your personality.

Our Favourite Bright Neutrals

So, where do you begin when experimenting with the bright neutral trend? Some of our favourite bright neutrals to see in homes include:

  • Grey walls are especially in vogue right now, adding an air of sophistication to any room. If you’re a lover of pastel shades, grey is the perfect accompaniment to any gentle blue and lavender pieces in your home.

Light beige walls

  • Beige walls are anything but boring. A favourite of those with a more modern aesthetic, beige adds warmth to a room while allowing more edgy pieces of art and furniture to take centre stage.
  • If you’re looking for a truly bold neutral, look no further than a light terracotta colour for your walls. This rich, bold colour fills your home with a glow, allowing for just a little more pizzazz while remaining versatile.

Try These Trends for Yourself

Do you feel like refreshing your space with a white or bright neutral wall colour? Hemlock Painting takes pride in rejuvenating spaces throughout the Vancouver area, making your home a place you love to live. Contact us today by giving us a call at (604) 330-7609 or request a free estimate here.