Painted Feature Walls: Trendy or Timeless?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which design techniques are passing fads and which ones are going to stick. People have been painting feature walls in their homes for quite a few years now, but is the practice of putting a painted feature wall in your home trendy or timeless? At Hemlock Interior Painting, we are familiar with all kinds of interior painting practices and their relevance to modern design trends.

Are Painted Feature Walls Relevant?

While some designers believe that the trend of painted feature walls or accent walls will not last as an ongoing design movement, other interior design experts see it as having the potential to endure well into the future. The ongoing relevance of a feature wall will also depend on the nature of the wall’s design. Certain colours and patterns are more prone to go out of style than others, so make sure you do your research to find a feature wall design that will work for the coming years. In any case, the great thing about a painted feature wall is that, if the trend does happen to go out of style or the design of the wall becomes dated, it can always be painted over.

Should I Have a Painted Feature Wall?

The main criteria for whether or not you should get a feature wall painted in your home should be whether or not you enjoy the look and feel that it brings to your living space. A feature wall might not work for every home’s interior design, and some colours might clash with the rest of the home. If you are concerned with whether or not a feature wall is right for your home, consult a professional painter or interior designer.

Types of Painted Feature Walls

There are many ways to paint an accent wall. Depending on the home’s design, some great ideas for feature walls could include:

Solid Paint Colour

Using a solid colour that is different from the colours of the rest of your home’s interior paint can give an accent wall a great look.

Multiple Paint Colours or Patterns

Using more than one colour for a feature wall or having a pattern painted can give a wall a classy, artistic flair that can tie into the design of the rest of the home. Make sure that the colours or the design used work well with the rest of the home’s overall aesthetic.

Painted Murals

Using a mural or complex design for a feature wall is a great way to showcase your individual style. You will need to enlist the help of an experienced artist to accomplish this, but an interior painter can provide you with the base colour to be used.

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