Best Paint Colours for Homes

Changing up the interior colour of your home can give it a fresh look and feel and also keep it relevant with current trends. If you are looking for insight into the best paint colours for homes, we, at Hemlock Interior Painting, can help. We keep up to date with all current colour trends and can recommend colour palettes that will work best for your home.

Interior Paint Colours

Interior design trends are constantly changing but, with the right colour selections, you can be sure that your home’s paint will be relevant for years to come. Some of the best paint colours for home interiors include:

Hazelnut Colours

Hazelnut shades of various colours give a room a warm and inviting creamy texture. They blend seamlessly into one another for room transitions and brighten and soften spaces. They are also great at making a room seem larger than it actually is.

Lilac Grey

If you are looking for a great shade of grey to use for a bedroom or living room, lilac grey is the hue to use. Offset against white trim, this medium-dark shade offers great contrast and works well with wood accents and any furniture.

Night Watch

Widely acclaimed as one of the top colors, Night Watch is a muted dark green that can range from outdoorsy to classy modern depending on a room’s furnishings. It is recommended that this tone be reserved for large, well-lit rooms to avoid overpowering a space.


If done right, giving a room a touch of retro with mustard walls or even a feature wall can make a strong statement. With the right shades of grey for trim and some light wood accents, mustard walls can make for the great interior colour.


Many people are drawn to shades of blue, and Blueprint offers a warmth that is uncommon in azure hues. Without overwhelming the eyes, this shade can give a room depth and allow other features, decorations, and furniture to pop.

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